Craig and Sabrina Henry inside JoJos kitchen

Fort Collins Barbeque

Our Mission:

Here at Jojo’s our mission is simple, to make the world a better place one meal at a time. We serve delicious, honest, and affordable food with love as our special ingredient!

Our Jojo’s family strives to spread joy through friendly service, a smile, and old-fashioned hospitality every time you come to visit us – even if it is just to chat.

We play and joke a lot around here, but one thing we take very seriously is the quality of the product that we serve our guests.

It is our promise to always make wholesome food, from scratch, from our family to yours!

Fort Collins Restaurant

Our Story:

I like to start from the beginning, its my favorite part! Craig and 

I met at a quaint little sea side restaurant in Poulsbo, WA in 2013. We fell in love over our mutual love for food, motorcycles and Football! Craig has been a Chef for a very long time and I love customer service having served for my entire adult life so we naturally decided pretty early on we would someday have our own eatery.  After JoJo came along in 2015 I scooped up my family and moved them back to my hometown Loveland! Fast forward to January 2020 when we found the location for JoJos and our dreams started to become a reality! We called the owner of that quaint little restaurant we met at and he was all in to build what is today JoJos! Not knowing what was lurking ahead we started working on our concept and how we were going to be an asset to the community. Come February it became clear something was going on and our opening may look a bit different than we were used too having opened many eateries for others before. Nevertheless, we forged ahead. You see, we named this place after our little boy and there is so much riding on the success of our tiny operation. I knew though with Craig's talent and our passion for this blossoming industry surrounding us we would somehow pull this off! March 20th 2020 we put up the chairs and opened our doors to a State in Lockdown. With only Nosh Delivery and TakeOut, nobody knowing who we are or what we could expect as far as traffic we have prayed our way through this whole endeavour. It may not be easy, but with this guy by my side it sure is fun and worth every moment! Come see whats hot n fresh at JoJos!  ~ Sabrina 


1501 West Elizabeth Suite #4, Fort Collins, Colorado
(Inside Munchies Super Market)


Tuesday Breakfast 8am-11am lunch 11-2pm

Wednesday breakfast 8am-11am lunch 11-2pm

thursday & Friday 8am-11am lunch/dinner 11am-8pm

Saturday 12pm-8pm

Sunday 12pm-6pm

ribs & brisket by the lb. available friday saturday sunday only!!

Rainbows at JoJos


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